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Broker Resources

Below you will find all FFB forms. All forms must be included when submitting a new loan package.

When submitting a new loan package please email Veronica Carrera to receive an invitation to a share file. Please list all emails that will be included on the share folder.

We will accept the following forms if the borrower/broker have their own forms (if using the borrowers/brokers form they must include all the information reflecting on the FFB forms).

  • Schedule of Real Estate (signed and dated)
  • Rent Roll (signed and dated)
  • Operating History (signed and dated)

The following forms need to be submitted prior to submitting the loan package. This will allow us to request an appraisal.

  • LOI – executed
  • Third Party Form
  • Rent Roll
  • Operating History
  • Purchase Contract (with all amendments) – if applicable
  • Deposit wire/check must be received by FFB to order appraisal

When submitting a new loan package please use our Stacking Form as a checkoff list. This will ensure a complete package is submitted.

  • Financial Statement for the following.
    • Individual(s)
    • Entity
    • Trust
  • CIP form for all individual(s), Entity(s) and Trust(s) on loan. Use the Personal CIP for Individual(s) and Business CIP for Entity(s) and Trust(s)
  • Trust Certifications can be notarized at closing with loan documents

If you have any questions when completing any of our forms please call me Veronica Carrera at (310)920-8456 or email me at


As a broker, do I need to be approved to do business with Freno First Bank prior to submitting a loan package?

Yes, Fresno First Bank will only do business with brokers who have been approved by Fresno First Bank.

What items are required to apply to be an approved Broker with Fresno First Bank?

  • FFB Broker Application (Company Information, Corporate Officers and Ownership, and References)
  • FFB MFR Disclosure and Authorization for Investigative Consumer Report
  • FFB Broker Agreement
  • FFB MFR Rights Under FCRA
  • W-9

Where can I find application documents?

Application Documents are located on the Fresno First Bank website.