Debit Cards

Debit Cards


Imagine getting through life without ever having to dig for change — or worse, write a check. Use your free Visa® for purchases around the globe and online. It works just like a check and is linked directly to your checking account so purchases are automatically deducted every time you use it.

  • Available with any checking account
  • Carry around less cash and write fewer checks
  • Faster than checks, safer than cash
  • Funds deducted directly from your account
  • Keep track of your personal spending
  • View transaction details on your monthly checking statement or online banking
  • Accepted at more than 24 million locations worldwide
  • Conveniently make purchases by phone or online
  • 24-hour customer service
  • Cash withdrawals at any ATM that accepts Visa
  • Deposit checks at Fresno First Bank ATMs

Lost or Stolen Cards

To report a lost or stolen Fresno First Bank Debit Card, please contact a customer service representative during normal business hours at (559) 439-0200. During non-banking hours and holidays, you may sign on to Online Banking and select Options then ATM/Debit Card and check the Lost or Stolen box or call toll-free at (866) 546-8273, 24 hours a day.