Our Story

Fresno First Bank opened for business in December 2005 dedicated to meeting the banking needs of businesses, professionals, and successful individuals in Central California.

We believe businesses and individuals want the "hands-on, know your customer" approach, especially when it comes to their money. We've made it our mission to provide a full range of banking services differentiated by an ability to tailor and adjust services quickly to meet needs and opportunities unique to this area.

Achieving that mission is assured because every employee at Fresno First Bank has an ownership stake in the bank. Each has the courage, passion and commitment to create business banking relationships which define a new level of service by recognizing that YOU'RE A PERSON FIRST.

We share your values

We heard you wanted a banker who works like you do.

Fresno First Bank has been built on a foundation of core principles that guide everything we do. More than theory, each reflects the real world values of the professionals, businesses and successful individuals we serve.


We believe people deserve the opportunity to achieve their aspirations and personal success.


We safeguard, invest, and move capital.


Teamwork - We value our diverse strengths, hold ourselves and each other accountable and have each other's backs.

Relationship - We build trust by being respectful and transparent with each other and our clients.

Authentic - We are honest, humble and have the courage to be vulnerable.

Commitment - We are resourceful, responsive and strive for excellence with pride of ownership.