Business Financial Management Platform

Big Tools for your Small Business

Fresno First Bank's new financial management tool will make managing your business finances easier than ever before. By giving you easy access to all your business accounts in one place, BodeTree helps you monitor cash flow, uncover trends, and plan for the future of your business in minutes.

Cash Tracker

View spending, profit and loss, month of cash, and more at a glance.


View your income statement, balance sheet, and cash flows. Watch growth trends and navigate key value drivers.


See your overall trend line for the next five years, or a more detailed monthly view. Adjust your business forecast and edit it at any time.


Our automated application process helps streamline the funding experience.


Quickly generate customized and professional financial reports with the information that matters to your business.


The platform easily syncs with your bank accounts, credit cards and accounting software (BodeTree supports Quickbooks Online and Xero) to give you real-time insights when you need them.


We utilize discounted cash flow and market-multiples approaches to give you insight into approximately how much your business is worth today.

BodeTree helps you organize your business finances in one place. Develop a strategy, understand your business health and get insight into your business valuation in minutes so you can move toward the success you've always envisioned.

Fresno First Bank's small business partners get free access to BodeTree's full suite of features.

* Non-customers will be able to use BodeTree for free until Dec 31, 2017. All customers of Fresno First Bank will have access to a free account for as long as they are customers.