Why Crowdfunding

By broadening your potential investor pool, you gain increased exposure and more evangelism for your company/product/service. Crowdfunding is a strategic opportunity for you engage your communities and is an excellent means to validate your product or service.

How long does it take to raise money?

How long it takes to raise the money you seek depends on a number of variables. Not all companies succeed in raising capital. Funding speed can vary widely but companies should plan for 45-90 days to complete once your Offering has been published. Offerings will be taken off the portal after 120 days.

More information on the risks of investing can be found in the private placement agreements for each individual investment. Breakaway Funding has a contractual agreement with the business owners to produce financial reports, business plan updates, and more.

How do I get started?

Sign up for one of upcoming workshops or complete the capital inquiry form

How does a "hybrid crowdfunding loan" work? Equity capital generated from your capital raise helps to strengthen your financial profile and better position you for traditional bank loans from Fresno First Bank. Once you have completed your capital raise, follow these steps:

Step 1: Get started through Fresno First Bank's online system.

Step 2: Contact the Bank directly to process your loan application yourself.


Step 2: Contact Breakaway Funding at (email address) or (Phone) to get help packaging, vetting and presenting your loan to Fresno First Bank.*

* Fees apply. Breakaway Funding charges a 1% loan fee for all credit facilities it secures on your behalf. Fees can be paid from the loan proceeds. Equity requirement subject to change depending on type of transaction. See bank representative for more details.

Still need help?[email protected] or call us directly at 415-729-9482.

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